Having used a Compaq v series laptop, I must say the v is a definite improvement in the build quality department. It might be faster in some areas and slower in others. I ordered the laptop with Windows XP Home and like every other major manufacturer in the market HP also tends to load their consumer notebooks with tons of software which in most cases is pretty useless. The battery does not imbalance the laptop even when using on the lap although you will probably have to adjust your legs accordingly. The keyboard has also received an update along with the rest of the laptop. I ordered the laptop online through HPShopping.

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For audio jacks, there is only a one line-in and one line-out, for a microphone and headphones, respectively.

Compaq Presario V3000 Notebook for $399 ($359 for students)

The range and connection speeds are good and generally works very well without any issues. Thanks for the links. This battery sticks out from the bottom and raises compaq presario v3000 laptop back of the laptop by an inch or so.

Specifications of the Compaq V The low input voltage 1. I was able to connect to the same wifi using my laptop also earler.


The keyboard is also slightly at an angle and it is much more comfortable to use. The imprint can be seen clearly and is protected by presarioo coating of clear plastic material which helps in avoiding scratch marks.

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Compaq vz Review (pics, specs)

Only the right Shift and the top row buttons are smaller. Some features available in the premium editions of Windows Vista like the new Windows Aero user experience may require advanced or additional hardware.

Message 10 of Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Message 3 of The laptop is currently available at HPShopping. The fan turns on at 43 — 45 C and remains on until it drops back to 38 C. Keep your family productive, connected, entertained, and safe. It looks conservative and yet comes off as being an extremely stylish looking laptop.

The only negative against the compaq presario v3000 laptop would be the light leakage.

Compaq Presario V3000 Core 2 Duo 2GB RAM 320GB 14″ Laptop

Gorgeous looking laptop — one of the best designs out there. There are a compaq presario v3000 laptop advantages of having the extended battery, since the back of the laptop is raised it provides better air circulation and leads to a slightly cooler laptop.


The lid does show some reflections yet hides fingerprints quite well view large image. Screen could be better Keyboard could have been better. The vz struck the right balance for my requirements.

Compaq Presario V Notebook for $ ($ for students)

No cleanup reason has been specified. It might be faster in some areas and slower in others.

This laptop could also use the Intel Core Solo Compaq presario v3000 laptop, which runs at 1. Retrieved from ” https: Share Share on Facebook. Note the good viewing angles as well as the reflection due to the glossy screen view large image.

It looks conservative but still it manages to provide some glamour. Please let me know if any thing else need to be done. It shows limited connectivity. Here are my final suggestions Integrated microphone s select models only located generally at the top of the display.